The problem.

here in lies my grief that I who was born to fly with heavens wing now stumble with griefs red weight.

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Spinal cord injuries

Some people trying to help.
Donate here:

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Tax time

I actually wish I had to pay more of them this year. I’ve been having problems with my health , wrenched ankle dislocated shoulders the common cold etc… there is a way all of you that see this can help me pay more in the future ;) , click this link go in and clock a few others check em out some aren’t to bad!

Oh! and to follow along with the usual take I have on Taxes I’d be happy to not pay if I was earning ;) :O

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With todays Supreme Court decision the People of the United States have been betrayed by both the Congress and the Court. Either the Court over stepped and made law or Congress passed a law based completely on lies. Either way We the People have now lost our right to redress of grievances. Seems we should start bowing when a politician walks by now.

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Have you noticed the lack of debate of late. Every politician and most people have decided that only their point of view counts. So are We the People really that blocked into our mind set, or can we pull it out and listen to each other. My guess is that we are stuck and in big trouble.

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A warriors dreams

A warrior sleeps
His mind at rest
yet still he fights
the thrust and block
past fights relived
future fight lived
death avoided and felt

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Debt debt who’s got the debt

So the Dems and Repubs are at it again trying to convince us , we the people, that they haven’t taken our rights and money knowingly. Instead we are expected to believe they all just didn’t know. Know what you ask, that the path they took was one to a dictator. Left or right the path ends with a failing of our Republic and a government run by elites, to bad they are so ignorant. The end may be bloody, indeed the odds are against a peaceful fall and lean at present to a theocratic take over.

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The love of money is the root of all evil.
The branch and twigs are lust for worldly goods and hatred of others because of religion.

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So last I heard the U.S. National unemployment rate was at a fairly steady 9.5% now as one of the uncounted unemployed I have my doubts about this I’d guess more along the line of 25 maybe even 30%. Since I’ve been fighting with various troubles I could really wish employment would go way down so I could have a chance to earn again.

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Time III

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls , and all you amoeba
I your gentle guide have a question.
Do you have the guts to ask the government why?
Why is it trying to take our rights given not by man but Nature from us?
Why does it back those that would claim equality of mind between human and animal.
Does it really think we are all stupid?
Do taxes actually help?
When do we the people all people not some group or other all of us get our say?

OK I’ve started the thinking. Remember be peaceful and help those that you can.

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